Ethereum price spikes to a 3-month high above $4,000

Ether (ETH), which returned to $4,000 on Sept. 3, was the first time since May. This is the culmination of a solid week that saw significant gains and resulted in a price milestone.

The pair saw month-to-date gains in $600 and reclaimed its historic level after the dramatic trend reverse that rocked cryptocurrency markets around three months ago.

Ether was able to break out of its three-month trading area with $4,025 only $350 from its all-time highs.

According to weekly performance, Ether ranked third among the top 10 cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization. It was behind Polkadots DOT tokens and Solanas SOL.

Bitcoin (BTC), which also capitalized on its new strength, rallied to a critical resistance of $51,000.

How long can the good times go on?

ethereum passes $4000

While Ethers success has given bulls cause to celebrate, the move has also drawn some criticisms.

Gas fees still frustrating traders caused a sense disparity when actress Reese Witherspoon revealed that she had invested into Ether.

Reese, welcome aboard! Winklevoss, @tyler September 2, 2021

However, the consensus is that 2021s final months may mirror the 2017 and 2013 rushes.

“Regardless of when it comes, the next few months are likely to be insane beyond anything most of you can envision, but also one day while all that mania is going on the music will cease,” Lark Davis, a popular Twitter account, stated in a dedicated thread about the current crypto bull markets.

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